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Gecko Boxes are specialised custom made boxes for many occasions using a technique of combining decorative materials and fabrics with cardboard constructions, also known as French Cartonnage.

Every box is a unique piece. They can be square or rectangular in shape and can be of any reasonable size. They can be used to decorate your home, to store your jewellery, tea satchels, remote controls, photographs, your husband's cuff links, business cards, napkins, love letters and so on.

Hilde Hoogwaerts is from The Netherlands and has spent the last 27 years overseas. She learned Cartonnage in Singapore and together with her friend, Pien Faulkner, started workshops in the craft. The waiting list for these classes grew quickly as many people became eager to learn all about it. After conducting classes and creating communities in Singapore, Saigon, São Paulo and Santiago, Chile, Hilde is now teaching in Accra, Ghana, using the many magnificent local fabrics which West Africa is known for.

Be sure to follow her blog where Hilde also frequently shares the quilts she makes!

The workshops are always fun, partly because the groups are kept small. A maximum of 4 participants will do the class at Hilde's home. The boxes are made in two morning sessions, from 9am until noon. However, one-day workshops can be arranged, with a minimum of two participants, though groups of four are preferable.

Expect to work with materials such as cardboard, fabric, water based glue and ribbons to give the boxes a beautiful finishing touch to your liking. Not one box is the same because everybody has a different taste. Even those who think they are not creative or handy will go home with a beautiful finished product they can be proud of!

Cardboard and equipment is provided as well as refreshments. Just bring your own fabrics.

Further learning courses
Intermediate level: box-within-a-box
Advanced level: compartments, removable trays, etc.

For more information and to make a booking please e-mail: hilde@geckoboxes.com

For more information about the workshops please contact:


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Hilde takes small orders for custom made boxes. Tea bags, wine bottles, remote controls, business cards, name it, they all can be stored in a decorative box. If you have no time to make a box yourself she can make one for you. This is the perfect way to 'wrap' your presents for family, friends or clients.